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Meet HP Cargile--one of the new brokers with the The Waters Group at Town and Country Real Estate. Only a few years after graduating from high school in Logan, NM, HP learned a life lesson when he purchased his first home.  Not only did he underestimate the importance of home ownership, but he also developed a love of real estate. Throughout his 45 years, he has been on both the selling and purchasing sides of real estate. He also has a passion for helping others make their dreams come true by making that first purchase, maybe flipping a house for resale, or just securing a vacation home.

HP is a native to Eastern New Mexico. He was born in Hobbs, NM where he spent the first 11 years of his life.  From there he and his family made the move north to Tatum, NM where his mom and dad opened an automotive business. After 5 years they decided to make another change and moved to Logan, NM.  HP graduated from Logan in 1992 and quickly made the move to Lubbock where he purchased his first home.

Currently, HP, his wife, and their two kids, Kinlee and Levi live in Melrose.  They are active members of The Melrose First Baptist Church.  HP also serves on the Village of Council as a Councilman. 

A lot of people ask HP what his name means.  It does not mean Hewlett Packard or Hockey Puck, but Hulin while the P is just an initial.  He is proud of his name because he is named after his grandfather.  He has earned the nickname of Horsepower by his family.  So, if you are looking for that next house to call home or you are ready to sell, remember the name HP. He is ready and willing to listen and gain an understanding of your wants, desires, and needs.  HP will work diligently while still maintaining integrity and honesty for his clients.

Cell: 575-714-1762

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